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Managing natural equilibrium with microorganisms


Biocontrol is about protecting plants from attacks of parasites or pathogens using natural mechanisms and encouraging a smarter management of natural equilibrium rather than eradicating the agressors. Used alone or in synergy with other plant protection methods, biocontrol techniques are based on the interactions between species and the natural environment.



Biocontrol products offer efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for crop protection.


They can be used as alternatives to chemical products or to reduce the frequency of applications as well as lowering residues dispersed in the environment for the overall benefit of environment and human health.

In Pictures: The four families of biocontrol products

 Agrauxine, an expert in microorganisms


We develop and produce yeast and yeast derivatives, bacteria, and fungi, used alone or in synergy, to protect crops against the major fungal diseases.

Discover Agrauxine’s biocontrol products