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Innovative solutions to enhance and stimulate crop growth


Agricultural biostimulants include all products containing inert substances or microorganisms that have the objective of improving the functionalities of plants and soil or the interactions between soil and plants. These innovative solutions are characterized by the stimulation of biological processes within the plant or the soil.

From seed germination to crop maturity…


…biostimulation products are beneficial to crops during their entire lifecycle.


By activating metabolic and physiological processes, biostimulation products enhance crops’ quality and yield, encourage the uptake of essential inputs, and reduce plants’ sensitivity to abiotic stresses.
At the soil level, some biostimulation products enhance the biological activity of soil or improve the uptake of nutritive elements.

Biostimulation products, what benefits for your crops?

Biostimulants are only active on plants’ vigor and have no direct action on diseases; they are complementary to biocontrol products

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