Toll Manufacturing - Agrauxine
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Toll Manufacturing

Our industrial capabilities to toll manufacture your microorganisms.


Our expertise in fermentation and our know-how in microorganism manufacturing (fungi, yeast, and bacteria) give our customers access to our industrial facilities for the toll manufacturing of their own products in various fields of application: biocontrol, biotechnologies, human health and animal care.


A global support at each step of the process


Our production site based in Loches ( France) allows us to implement your fermentation project on solid substrates.

We can also assist for projects in liquid fermentation (yeast, bacteria…) with the support of the Lesaffre industrial plant network.

Our expertise in manufacturing brings our customers more than just a fermentation service but a global support at each step of the process : from design to formulation through to regulatory conformity of the desired product.


Our commitments for the scale up or the industrialization of your project


– Carry out a complete feasibility study

– Guarantee an efficient scale up

– Guarantee a continuous follow-up at each stage of the process through numerous quality control steps

– Ensure that the product respects your specifications

Our tools

Cookers, autoclaves, inoculation in clean room, growing rooms, low and high temperature dryers,
extractors, separators, sieve, blenders, dosers and packaging lines.

Types of organisms

Aspergillus, Monascus, Trichoderma, Beauveria, Metarhizium, Penicillium, Duddingtonia,
Clonostachys, Scytalidium, Rhizopus, Agaricus, Pleurotus, Shiitake

You have a fermentation project  ?

*all our toll manufacturing partnerships are performed under confidentiality agreement